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alltech Medical Systems
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    With operations in Cleveland (USA) and Chengdu (China), AllTech Medical Systems (AMS) designs, manufactures, and distributes medical diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) products. As a provider of medical imaging technology and product solutions, AMS serves the global MRI market with a state-of-the-art superconducting product family. AMS systems are equipped with multi-channel real-time data acquisition systems, integrated coil solutions, advanced clinical applications, and an intelligent, operator-friendly, graphical user interface and workflow design.

The R&D center of AMSA in Cleveland is responsible for developing one of the most advanced and high-quality MRI systems in the world. Using experience garnered through years working with customers, in academia, and within the MRI industry, the AMSA engineering team strives to deliver a scanning experience that produces optimal image quality for every patient.

Meanwhile, the R&D, production, and service facilities of AMS in Chengdu are also among the most advanced in the Asia. Standout features of the facilities include: superconducting magnet assembly and testing, integrated helium-recycling, spectrometer and coil assembly and testing, and final system integration and testing. All manufacturing and testing at AMS is performed according to meticulous quality control processes in strict adherence with multiple international regulatory standards.

With the full support of its managing board and employees, AMS is set to become a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and service of diagnostic MRI products.


EchoStar 1.5T

   Featuring cutting edge technologies, the EchoStar 1.5T system developed by AllTech Medical Systems is designed to deliver a fully integrated MRI experience.

EchoStar 1.5T features a highly homogeneous main magnet, the 16-Channel Orion RF system, high performance gradients, and advanced MRI clinical applications that deliver high resolution, real-time scanning. The EchoStar 1.5T is designed to provide optimal image quality and the best diagnostic results for every patient.

EchoStar 1.5T utilizes an advanced 16-Channel RF system, which innovatively combines Array Coil integration and High-Density Coil Matrix design. It supports Whole-Body imaging without the need to change coils, while achieving optimal time resolution as well as spatial resolution.